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Rules of the Forum

Post by Admin on Thu May 01, 2014 8:36 pm

There is only one area that allows for all members to post but the rules that follow apply to Admin (me), Moderators and members alike.

These are the rules by which the forum is going to be run, they are not open for debate and they are not open for questioning regardless of your opinion on them, they are there because certain activities do not belong on this forum and neither do certain methods of speaking or words, this forum is to be safe for children to use as well as adults.

there is no doubt that as time progresses, people will find new and inventive ways to cause problems, these rules will be adapted and added to on a "as needed to be" basis, again this is to ensure the forum remains a safe and friendly place to visit


no use of curse words or swear words will be tolerated on this forum, offending posts will be edited to remove the offending word.
no use of curse or swearing phrases will be tolerated on this forum, offending posts will be edited to remove the offending phrase.
no self censoring of any curse or swear word in either a phrase or as a word will be tolerated, this is an obvious attempt to bypass the rules and the offending post will be DELETED.

Offensive behaviour

any post contain material or written deliberately intended to be offensive, or perceived as such will be deleted and the person that posted it will be given a warning, there will not be a second warning, a second offense and the offender will be removed from the forum.

any post that contains material that is deliberately aimed at being insulting,offensive or derisive to or of a particular member will be deleted, the offender will also be removed from the forum,the reasons will not be of interest and no excuse will be accepted or tolerated, this forum is about role playing games, card games, board games and table top games, not mind games or ego games.

Inappropriate material

some material or posts can contain material that can be seen as offensive or inappropriate to some rather than all in the forum, anything containing adult themes, political, real world violence and its results, religious intolerance, racism and anything that either revolves around them or is implied by the posted material will be deleted, but it can be assumed that one persons inappropriate may not be seen as such by another, a blanket has to be in place to protect those to young to understand what they are seeing. As such, the offending post will be deleted but it will be assumed that the person posting it may not have done so maliciously so no other action will be taken, if the same person repeats the offense, the post will be deleted and they will be told that continuing posting of such material is not acceptable and politely asked to desist, should this happen a third time, again the post will be deleted and the person will be removed from the forum.

Being removed from the Forum

If you get yourself removed from the forum, it will only be for a two month period, a time out if you will, after which you may rejoin, however, a three strikes system is being used, if during any one year you get removed three times, the third time is for good, if you attempt to rejoin under a different email and this gets discovered, your new member ship will also be removed.


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