When Games run

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When Games run

Post by Admin on Thu May 01, 2014 7:48 pm

When a game runs is usually a sort of set thing, we tend to choose one particular day a month and play a specific game on that day, such as we may play  one guys game on the first Friday of the month, and another's on the second. This lets us give the Games Masters a chance to plan in advance and make sure that they as well as the players don't get bored by playing the same game repeatedly, which won't happen with a particularly good game. so here you will find a sort of schedule and the games are sorted into it. but this shouldn't be seen as a hard and fast rule, games can be run out of sequence for a variety of reasons, popularity, Illness, family event, vacation, bank holidays, accident. The list is practically endless and more often than not, the change is spur of the moment. under these circumstances, GM's and players in a game will often prearrange if possible, and will alert each other to any changes that occur so alternatives can be planned and prepared.


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